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shanky 07 Apr,09
thiis site is very good and it help me lot in searching the number but accept the phone no address if any site you know inform me on my E-mail id at orkut --
puran meena 07 Apr,09
i want to mobile n: exit location
vijay tiwari 07 Apr,09
this site is very helpfull to trace any mobile location but it needs updation time to time
RAJESH 07 Apr,09
good but frustating when u get only state and operator name try to reach till city level atlaest if not cell area
sachin patil 07 Apr,09
goa phone no showss maharashtras location
ashmit 07 Apr,09
its good............but when no. on roaming it shows in himachal...........i think not best..............its gud only...........
vikram 07 Apr,09
tnank to give this site
kishan soni 06 Apr,09
Can This site tell about where is current mobile working from.
raja 06 Apr,09
Wonder full
Mani 06 Apr,09
it's wrong information in detecting mobile network
lalit 06 Apr,09
nice side but fix location not information on the display so plz show fix location mobile no, work location
GENIUS 06 Apr,09
Can i get call details of any cell no?
saif 06 Apr,09
This is really very Nice Website But I Like it More if you Provide Current location of mobile or More details of user...!!!
mayur 06 Apr,09
this site isvery good and a persone cam relie on this site provides acorrect information
Swapan Nath,Rupnarayanpur,Wb. 06 Apr,09
this site is very nice for all.if details of sim where trace of city of country.
It ' very help full site
pawan kumar gupta 05 Apr,09
it very nice u can find any mobile number from where it belong n u can catch blank number
SMOKE 05 Apr,09
Cul site... Bt aint useful 4 roamn' search.. Need sumthn' m0re xcpt location..
VERY VERY THANKS FOR THIS SITEThis site is very good it have many informations its very nice for all the indian. by creating these site i can say that i am living in that country which is really progressing.
Rakesh KUmar Patnaik 05 Apr,09
Please also mention the district of that state. Otherwise it is very good.
Kamlesh 05 Apr,09
What is 3G. some time observed on display.
amit gupta 04 Apr,09
jhakas hai re ............
Abhishek 04 Apr,09
Very useful site. Thanks.
sampath 04 Apr,09
nice site.. If it provides the details along with place or atleast district it is good........
ravi pawar 04 Apr,09
its is too good for policing
rakesh 04 Apr,09
seems like this need to be updted for 96 series of mibile numbers...its not working for them
Amit Kumar 04 Apr,09
this is awesome 1000/1000
raman 04 Apr,09
Pls update data base.. there is no record for Aircell and Reliance GSM.. If u want i can u provide UP (East) and Delhi Nos. Series. Thanks..
KAPIL 04 Apr,09
Kamlakar kamble 04 Apr,09
It is a very nice site
Abhijit Das 03 Apr,09
Very informative site. Well placed information.
aaryan 03 Apr,09
thanks its very very good yaar
Gunjan Kumar 03 Apr,09
ANUJ 02 Apr,09
one of the few sites on telecom which can give you what you want in detail
saifu 02 Apr,09
wat 2 say about this site its very good frm me 10/10 rating i am giving....keeep it up
Abhishek 01 Apr,09
veryy very impressive work!!!!!!!!!keep it up man.......
shailendra 01 Apr,09
ya it is a nice web site to know the atleast basic information ..about no..
Hiren Patel 01 Apr,09
It is very help full to find unknow phone number
ABHINAV 01 Apr,09
it is nice site for radio stations...
pranab das 31 Mar,09
Nice website
samurai 31 Mar,09
this site needs more information other than right now
Aditya 31 Mar,09
This is very useful for me. Very progressing site
Aamir 31 Mar,09
Its very good
JITEN 31 Mar,09
The best thing is that its very precise and simple not like other site where u gets adds or other unneccesary objects.THANKS TO SITE OWNER.
KHALEEL 31 Mar,09
This is a useful website. I get my lost mobile phone and sim card back. Thanks.
ravi 31 Mar,09
very good softwere to use easy
venkatesh 31 Mar,09
This site is very good it have many informations
krissh 30 Mar,09
its not tht good ..must show exact location
manoj 30 Mar,09
this is really a very nic site,first time i am using this site,good,, informations are there
manohar adbal 30 Mar,09
hello sir i m manohar in mumbai i want mobile number owner namw & adress than pls give me idia
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